Words of Impact

Monday morning office reading.

Looking for some days already in a beautiful Adriatic sea some words of impact are coming to me out of nowhere. I say impact not wisdom, because maybe some of them don’t have any wisdom at all, but during my studies and my career they had some impact on me.

Being relaxed after many years I obviously re-evaluate many things including some concepts and ideas that were inside my mind for ages.

No lists this time. Just couple of thoughts. No special order, no special topic. From editorial point of view pure crap. 🙂

First one. Said by one of my professors during my studies of drama and script writing. In Serbian: Zeni se ne moze oprostiti ako nije lepa, a muskarcu ako nije uspesan(English: You can’t forgive a woman for not being beautiful and to man for not being successful). I have seen later on during my career many demons coming out of people due to those two painful facts.

Second one. I don’t know who said this one to me but I still hate him. I would have spent last 6 years more peacefully without having this in my mind. In Serbian: Sve sto uradis posle tridesete vise nije tako posebno. (English: Everything that you do after age of 30 it’s not so special anymore). Since I was always young and successful, youngest student, youngest creative director, youngest publisher – turning 30 kicked me in my ass, head, balls, name it! Then I figured out that Mesa Selimovic did his best work after age of 50 and I chilled out a bit. Just a bit!

Third one. During first year of my studies one of the colleagues was explaining relationship between two of his characters from the script – a mother and a son. And he said that their relationship was cold and superficial. Professor started yelling: In Serbian: Odnos izmedju majke i sina moze biti svakakav osim hladan i povrsan, jer, pobogu, on je izasao iz njene picke! (English: Relationship between mother and son can be anything but cold and superficial. God damn! He came out from her pussy). At the time, apart from the fact that this was hilarious script writing class, I was also of the opinion that you can have cold and superficial relationship with your mother. Some years after I changed my view. Now, I can tell – sort out your relationship with mother (with any outcome) before trying to do anything with your life. It simply can’t be cold and superficial. And yes – this is very much business related. But more about this particular issue in a stand alone post.

Now I will take my glass of Malvazia and say cheers!


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