Stars, Stairs and Self-awareness

Relaxed weekend reading

OK. This one is going to be tough to explain considering the example and analogy that I’m going to use. Some of you will not have an idea what I’m talking about. Some will think that I’m filthy chauvinistic pig. And some that I’m still sexually frustrated teenager. Some may be right. But here it goes!
I highly recommend you to watch (before or after reading this article) a movie Showgirls (1995) directed by controversial Dutch/Hollywood director with (my personal opinion) amazing vision and skill to tell the stories from the future – Paul Verhoeven. At the time of the release the movie was a total failure. It was done ten years too early. But for the ones who were willing to see over some nudity and sex (OMG!), this was a movie which anticipated, through a Las Vegas based story, coming years of cruel, unscrupulously, deviant and wild wild world initiated by 90’s and brought to it’s very peak in the new millennium.

Stars. In order to become a star you usually have to start from the very bottom. And it was always like that. But now you have to do it really fast. The faster the better. So, after learning to do pole dance (Power Point presentations, Excel analysis) and you dance for a while, you can do a private lap dance (presentation for a client or sales pitch). If you succeed and she/he is happy with your performance, your boss might push you to a bigger stage. But! Don’t even go to a bigger stage if you are not ready to put some ice on your nipples. Because you are not successful yet. You just started.
Stairs. If we assume you did good job and audience likes you, then it’s time to become number one. And as Cristal Connors (Gina Gershon) says in a movie: There’s always someone younger and hungrier coming down the stairs after you. So, you have to push the current star down the stairs. Here we can apply the same rule as with ice and nipples: if you are not ready to push don’t go into this game. Playing a role of honest, hardworking, caring colleague will not bring you to the top. And after one top, there is always a higher one. So, with experience you got in Las Vegas, your road to Hollywood will be much faster. It was at least for Nomi Malone (Elizabeth Berkley).


Self-awareness. Well this one is trouble. You have to take a deep look into yourself and figure out if you want to hitchhike to Las Vegas at all. And even if you do, are you OK with playing pole dance forever? And be happy? Then, you have to take even deeper look and understand if you are able to push someone down the stairs. And be happy. And last, but not the least, you have to figure out at some point when it’s time for you to be pushed down the stairs.

The smartest ones create their own pushers and pay for good insurance.

Cheers! And enjoy watching Showgirls. Recommended drinks are Campari Soda or Aperol Spritz. Trash and refresh.

2 thoughts on “Stars, Stairs and Self-awareness

  1. […] And let’s also focus on my second most important topic (after the timing issue) – the casting. If a director and/or producer wants to have perfect casting for the movie, the mandatory thing is to watch at least a few movies of the actors who are going to read for the role. The exception is my hero Paul Verhoeven. While casting for his 1995 classic Showgirls all actresses rejected to dance nude so he ended up with Elizabeth Berkley. (read more and see some photos here) […]


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