Work-Life Balance: Prevention Instead of Healing

I have to admit something. I’m writing about all those business/psychology related topics but I never read a book about it. I read some books about business and some books about psychology, but never one about self-help in this particular area of topics. If you ask me why, it’s probably due to the fact that I have never felt the need to read one before and also due to limited free time that I had during the last 15 years, that I was using to read/watch/listen to something else.… Read More Work-Life Balance: Prevention Instead of Healing

About Demons

I could have dedicated this post to angels as well. Maybe that would be nice. To write about the good. But this is actually not going to be post about the evil. It’s about demons in all of us that we very often don’t understand and that we often have to face in working environment. You know that situation when you ask: “Why is he/she doing that?” or “Why am I doing this?”. And you don’t have the clear answer.… Read More About Demons