I Want to Be Titanic

Do I want to sink and kill thousands of people? No, but you will have to read it to the very end to understand my new movie related analogy.

My wife asked me few days ago what  in my opinion was the best move ever. Asking someone who graduated from film school this question is not very serious. I can give you list of 50 best movies, or list of 20 best Hollywood movies plus 20 best indies. Or 50 from each decade. Or just Italian or Spanish. Or many more… Of course it’s impossible to name one single best movie ever.


If I would HAVE to answer this question (you know when they ask you about salary expectations during job interview and you have to tell at the end?) I would say Titanic (1997) by James Cameron. This is not my favorite movie. Not even in top 20. But, if I would try to apply business type of analysis and judgement, instead of a typical film critic’ approach I would come to this answer. And if I would like to define my business profile and career via movies, then I would definitely appreciate if I would be able to become the Titanic.


  1. It lasts two times regular movie. 3 hours and 14 minutes. I’m not suggesting longer is better but it would be nice to have long successful career.
  2. It’s still No.2 box office success (No. 4 adjusted for inflation). The only movie that cashed in more is Avatar from 2009 when already 3D was in place and tickets were much more expensive. Also, I have opinion that you should never be the one who earns the most. Will be explained in the separate post.
  3. It was a brave production adventure. For younger generation of my readers – there were quite some special effects in 1997 as well, but it was not the time like today when you can create the whole movie including actors in your computer. Many things were done in a quite old-fashioned way with set decoration and classical film tricks. I respect when someone is doing business in an old-fashioned manner.
  4. It’s touching epic story about one of the most famous tragedies ever – after many years. Previous movie about Titanic was done in 1953. I LOVE when someone in business is touching what most of the people are scared of or think it should not be touched. You know when someone tells you: “Nooo, you should not deal with that. No one has questioned that for decades”.
  5. It has a great mesmerizing story. You can like it or not but it’s very good piece of storytelling that makes those 3+ hours look like 15 minutes. I simply love and admire well-crafted stories. My whole career is based on telling (hopefully good) stories. 
  6. Cast is the cast of the underdogs. Kate Winslet was not a typical beauty and she did only Sense and Sensibility (1995) and Jude (1996) before, and Leonardo DiCaprio was rising kid star at the time, but still very young one. Quite a gamble by Cameron – for Hollywood standards. Is there a better thing in business then beating competitors with an underdog brand or team of young people? Not for me.
  7. It won 11 Oscars. Yes, we can all pretend that we don’t care about awards. But we all like to get them. It’s also nice when award comes with some money.


And above all those reasons I hope I will be in position at one point to stand on a bow of a ship and say: “I’m the king of the world!” My world.

So weekend movie recommendation is obviously Titanic. Recommended drink – of course – Champagne. Or at least Prosecco for the ones with cheaper tickets. Cheers!

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