3 Easy Things You Can do Now for Your Wellbeing

Who doesn’t like things easy? As I said in my introductory blog, I tend to approach life analytically. I think about possible future outcomes to an event; about all the implications those outcomes could possibly have, and all the steps I would need to take in each of the situations. I know, it is complicated; some of my friends get tired just of hearing about it. It is kind of like chess players who think about moves far in advance. Except that in my life my own brain is my only opponent.

So, in light of this, I tend to do a lot of research regarding everyday things – from which toilet paper is the best in terms of recycled materials and paperweight, to which moisturizers have better ingredients, to how workers in a diaper production plant are treated…

Would you like to start considering the wellbeing of nature and your own wellbeing in your daily routine? Here are some things you could do right now to start living more consciously without too much effort:


  • If “organic” is officially regulated in your country consider buying organic food (otherwise don’t bother – in unregulated markets any crap will be packaged as organic)
  • Cary a tote to the grocery store instead of getting plastic bags (if you do have to get plastic, pack as many items as you can in one bag)
  • Repurpose, reuse and recycle (i.e. the plastic bags, plastic containers)
  • Buy local food

At Home

My herb garden.
  • Use LED lights
  • Turn lights off when you are not in a room (to my European friends this may sound like an obvious one, but trust me in the US electricity is so cheap that lights are on everywhere all the time!)
  • Start timing your showers and set minute-by-minute reduction goals in order to save water
  • If you can, compost your produce scraps
  • If you can, have a veggie garden


  • Start cooking from scratch (it’s healthy, yummy and therapeutic)
  • Reduce the use of processed food
  • Start exercising
  • Meditate
  • Use cosmetics without carcinogens

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