Just Think Positive and Positive Things Will Happen: 7 Sayings I Hate from the Bottom of My Heart

I’m a huge fan of famous quotes and sayings. The fact that one simple sentence (or paragraph) has stayed in the world for so long and that yet it still means something today, turns me on. And people who know how to use them timely and wisely turn me on too.

You can learn something out of it. Or at least you can admire one’s ability to digest so many thoughts into so little words. At the end, there are those quotes that maybe are not correct to the fullest but fly around the world as some good spirit of past, present or future. Just to mention the most famous one: Красота спасет мир (sorry folks, but this one deserves original quoting, and yes, you should learn that much of Russian. Or, well, just google it).

However, and I blame internet for it, there is a bunch of sayings that truly don’t mean anything but are still repeated daily. Their emptiness bothers me, and I do think that people who use them are dumb. Call me superficial.

So, here’s top 7 of the shitty quotes I truly hate from the bottom of my heart:

  1. Just think positive and positive things will happen. I’m not buying the new age bullshit since 1983. Really? I’m sorry, my dear, but that’s just not how things work. If you think positive, you’ll most probably skip stomach ulcer but for positive things to happen you must work, honey. I will not elaborate further on this here.
  1. We are what we (insert word here) Do not label me like that. It’s so one-dimensional and, consequently, stupid. I mean, no one is what (s)he eats. Or watches. Or touches in the darkness of his room when no one is around in the middle of the night with some fresh high-quality 3D porn movie turned on. I’m here with Kurt Vonnegut’s “We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be”.


  1. When life gives you lemon, make lemonade. When life gives you lemon, you better run. You don’t take the lemon, you don’t spend time looking for water and sugar, you just hit that lemon or run as far as you can get. Because if you even try manipulating that lemon you’ll end up sticky, dirty and bitter. Fuck lemons.
  1. It’s not the winning, but the participation. OK, this one maybe works for Olympics athletes but who wants to be a participant when they can end up winning??? Of course, not all of us deserve gold and of course failure is important. But that sweet comforting with nothing but simple participation will not get you gold in the next race.
  1. Money doesn’t buy happiness. This one is repeated so much that people started believing in it. I know what you will say now, and I agree to a certain extent but let’s be realistic for a moment. What is it that makes you happy that money can’t buy? The smile on your kid’s face? Have you tried buying them a toy? The health of your family? It’s literally the number on your health insurance check you are paying monthly. The Saturday mornings with your significant others? Just be filthy rich and you’ll have every morning free for them. The talent? That’s true. But again, just be filthy rich and no one will ask for your talents.
  1. Follow your dreams. This inspirational quote should always come with a Hitler photo meme, or a huge disclaimer: This quote does not apply to jihadists or any other extreme religious group or any extreme group at all, people with any mental disorder, Amanda Bynes, Katy Perry and Donald Trump. You got the point. Chase the dream if it will not destroy the humanity.
  1. Make America great again. Doesn’t need explanation unless you are some southern jerk and I don’t think they read blogs, or anything for that matter.

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