Skip Intro

I don’t like intros and I don’t do foreplays. Yes, we all had learned a good story should have introduction, elaboration and conclusion but what do you remember of the story at the end – the moment when everything started or, well, the orgasm?

However, being stuck with a blog (instead of writing tweets like normal people do these days) I’ve come to the realization that creating an intro is a hell of a job. So, I’ll keep skipping it whenever I can. And here’s why you should do it too:

  • Business. You are trying to make a point making the never-ending presentations like all good scholars do? You put all those insights, methodology explanations, sales results from last ten years, competitors overview and god knows what else before you bring your solution? You want people to understand the process, so you give them all the figures and thoughts while they really don’t care. I know, they don’t care. They are bothered, they want to hear what you brought not what you researched. So, skip it for god’s sake. Give them your idea in the first minute and then explain it in the next twenty. And if they don’t like your idea, you’ll have twenty minutes for coffee.
  • Social interactions. Not exactly an expert but I do love people who go straight to the point. I’ve never done Hi, I’m Nemanja, I would fancy some cool chit chat with you at some more intimate place, so that’s on a to-do list. If you’ve tried it, share your two cents.


  • Sex. As Gaga said If it’s not rough it isn’t fun. I’m not talking about some hardcore (of course I am), but I never actually understood the fun in foreplays that take too long. Just admit you skip petting scenes while watching porn and tell me why you shouldn’t do it in real life.

It’s not easy cutting the bullshit and focusing on the point and of course it’s not always necessary. But if we regularly skip those intros on Netflix because we so eagerly want to see what’s next, why do we deny the pleasure of straightforwardness to the people around us? So, try it. Most probably it won’t hurt.

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