This is Me – Life, Over-Analyzed

Living consciously in its broadest terms gradually became part of my being. As I acquired more education and experience I became aware of new issues, new problems and challenges that we as humanity and the planet we inhabit are facing.

After two mid-course corrections, each coinciding with a newly earned degree, my latest personal growth spurt occurred after I had children. Before having children I have strived to live a healthy life leaving as small footprint as I could mostly for ethical and environmental reasons. However, having kids brought on this two-pronged struggle: 1) what kind of a planet are we leaving to our offspring; and 2) how do I raise my kids to live a conscious life and be stewards of planet Earth.

To me living consciously means purposefully making choices, from small, daily routines to bigger long-term decisions, by taking into account chiefly two things: the footprint I leave on the planet and the well-being of my family.

Some of these choices have become engrained in my decision-making; they come naturally, I do them mindlessly: reusing and recycling, carrying cloth bags to a grocery store instead of getting plastic ones, cooking, choosing certain fish and meat over other, buying organic food, among others. I don’t think about these anymore. I just do them.

Others require a more thoughtful process, involve a longer decision-making process and family negotiations, thus potentially bringing along occasional disappointments or failures. For example, child rearing, or major purchases.

The common thread that runs through most of the things I do like a life-sustaining artery is an effort to have as little impact on the planet’s natural resources as possible, or as they say in my line of work – whenever practicable. Don’t get me wrong, I do not live off the grid, we own two cars (mostly because we live in rural areas on the Eastern US coast where there is no public transportation), and we fly to vacation destinations. But, in day-to-day activities, I do my best to reduce our ecological footprint and make healthy choices as much as I can.

This feature also extends to my career. I work as a senior policy analyst in an environmental non-profit organization. My job requires precision and critical and analytical thinking, something that comes naturally to me.

In my blog, you will read about endeavors of a conscious-living mom: child rearing, cooking, baking, gardening, pregnancy, and exercising among others, from a tiny bit over-analytical perspective.

Stay Tuned!

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