Visual Snob

There is nature, witch totally rocks, and there is what man created. I like them both.

All the wild waterfalls, white mountaintops, tripping rivers, autumn leaves, Azure sunsets, baby pandas, hot Beyoncés… they’ve been given to us for free. But people want more. They always did. Let’s say we fully developed our humble personalities, good behaviors… became exemplary citizens, diligent employees,  warm hearted friends and relatives.


Can we now buy a 20 000 euro watch and not be judged?

It’s the inside that counts. Very good! Now that we’ve learned the most important lesson in life, it’s time for lesson number 2. Let’s sex things up so we can enjoy our rich inner spirits in heavenly surroundings made by talented humans. Let us think about politics, global warming, great migrations, unavoidable capitalism from the comfort of a silky velvet custom made sofa with woolen Moroccan pillows in a five-star boutique adults only hotel. Let us hydrate our natural bodies from a sensual thin Hermes crystal glass. Let us walk through uncertainty of what tomorrow brings in Crystal-embellished leather over-the-knee Miu Miu boots. For those of you who can, don’t feel guilty for making it there.


For me, design is having time to think about shapes, objects and materials. It’s stepping out from everyday life making spare one to have a “moment” and gaze at wonderful colors and spaces between lines. Yes, I have the time. As a designer, I can look up on internet for fresh trends, choose to ignore them, make something on my own, then change it, then stare at it for hours. Delete it. Make it again. Dislike it. Get back to a previous version. Upgrade some lines, explore millions of colors. Have lots of doubts. It’s time consuming looking-into-details of mediocre importance for better living. Just so that another rare soul can appreciate the perfect curve of a precise design.

All that buildings, bridges, planes, cars, hotels, table wears, clothes, shoes, chairs, lamps, signs, packaging, jewelry, food presentations, vacuum cleaners… they all have millions of possibilities to present themselves to the world.


I have chosen esthetics in the low esthetic environment.

I live in Serbia, on the outskirts of Vračar where the term luxury is used too often for wrong reasons. Where less is not more. Where new hamster size plastic windows are called contemporary architecture.

All that bad visualization… it hurts my feelings. But I understand where it’s coming from. From not having enough time, from having existential problems, from history, from a very slow transition, from not giving a shit or worse… for giving a shitty shit. And that’s fair enough. As long as my love for golden knobs doesn’t make me a bad person.


I understand people who are not interested in design, who think that it distracts them from important things in their lives. I expect mutual understanding for my love of good looking stuff. This brings me optimism, it moves me and inspires to be much more aware about the world we live in and to try to spice up our struggling every day life.

And remember.

Don’t judge a book by its cover.

But I sure will.


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