3C That You Need for Progress in 2019

Since I’m trying not to measure my satisfaction based on my achievements but based on the progress that I’m making (and I have to admit I’m still struggling with that one) I would like to share with you my thoughts about skills that you need for solid progress in 2019.

I’m not trying to make any kind of comprehensive, science or research based list, but I’m just giving you my view, created on the basis of interactions with projects, people, companies, different countries… 

Just by coincidence I got 3C:

Concept Making

Content Creating &


I consider those 3 C’s essential in many industries – mostly ones who are consumer-oriented: if you want to offer both product or service. 

Concept Making

Today we live in a world of everything. And there is too much of everything. And you can get everything very fast. I’m still not sure if this is a blessing or a curse. 

So, in this world of everything, the only way to stand out is to have a concept. To have something that will make your T-shirt stand out from millions of products on AliExpress, your small PR agency out of hundreds of bigger and more experienced ones, or your organic food online store out of so many similar ones. 

The great thing about concepts is that, if you are good at making them, you can become quite lazy in executing them. Under the condition that you are able to find good people to execute your concepts. Being lazy is boosting creativity and new ideas, so there is a chance that you will make another good concept… And you turned the wheel… 

What can prevent you from developing skills of concept making: too much attention to details, not enough time to think and imagine, not enough inspiration from the outside world – limited stimulation. 

How to overcome this: Take a vacation without traveling, visit art events, do a little research on creative projects online… 

Content Creating

If I say that there is too much of everything, you can rest assured there is definitely too much content everywhere. Especially stupid and ridiculous content. Why the hell then does this world need another content creator? Because, for some reason people always want more and in the digital era they always want it fresh. I guess content is the new water. 

Is everyone capable to produce content? Most certainly – yes. Bizarre online characters with millions of followers are the proof of this.

But, if you are a person with only a piece of brain and dignity, you should create content with at least a piece of brain and dignity. If you don’t have any special talents like writing, music, photography, dancing… you can always go for fitness or nutrition content. Believe me – there’s never enough of those. And if you go back to number one of my C’s and make good concept at the beginning, you don’t have to worry about your progress in 2019.  

Creating content is very important in the real world as well. Not only on social networks. People ask for content when they travel, they ask for content when they go out, they ask for it when they have a business meeting, when they study… And most certainly they ask for a trustful source of content that will fit their needs. Because, sometimes having too much is equal to having nothing. 


Communication was always important. Today, in the accelerated life of individuals and companies it’s more important then ever. But, in the world where everyone has been claiming for decades now that communication is THE thing, surprisingly many people and companies don’t know how to do it.  They are either scared, or not focused, or arrogant or simply don’t know what to do. Don’t be one of them. Put yourself on the fire-line and practice. Find a mentor or a coach. Find a therapist if needed. You will go through hell and back, but by improving your communication skills you will see progress in many other areas of your personal life and professional life. 

People think that I’m a natural communicator and that I enjoy communication with people all the time, every time, 24/7. This is far from truth. Yes, I enjoy communicating with people even if the topic or occasion is not very pleasant, but when you do that as your job for over 15 years, you become tired. I have long periods when I would prefer not to talk to anyone. But I can’t afford that. If nothing, my two kids have so many questions every day. So, long-term practice makes me equipped to overcome such a period without anyone noticing that I actually can’t stand (even very cool) people around me. 

And I’m not talking here about marketing communication. That’s a separate topic. This is a daily one-on-one communication or communication with the audience that nowadays takes place live, but also via different devices  and digital platforms. So, if you are not ready for real life practice go for a virtual one. Learning will be the same. 

Cheers to progress in 2019! 

And progress should be celebrated with a proper C drink. But don’t take Campari. Progress should have a sweeter taste. Take a good Cognac. 

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