Don’t Stop Working. You Will Start Thinking.

Jokes aside, we all know that while we are closely focused on our work and our career, we spend most of our time in a problem-solving mode and we don’t bother thinking too much about other things. We don’t quote eastern Zen philosophers and tech gurus, and we don’t challenge ourselves to the very end of our own nerves.

Career Stages – My Version, Part 2

And it’s time to build your base and find your safe harbor where you will be able to feel very comfortable and to give the best of you. It’s time for your most fruitful business years and best results.

At this stage you should be capable to create efficient teams, leading teams that have more than one layer below you, and make difficult decisions without too much stress. You work a lot, more than you would like to, but you are having an impression that you are building something big and important. It’s the peak of your career.

Career Stages – My Version, Part 1

One of the best things I had a chance to learn in my previous company is Lominger system of competences and career development approach. It includes career stages classification.

It’s not that I think that this system is fantastic for career development – it has its own flaws, but working with it and having a chance to practice it triggered a lot of thinking and contemplating on this topic. When you have to perform over 100 job interviews based on competences and work with your team member on 50+ career development plans, you definitely build some muscles in this area. Of course, that is if you honestly dedicate your time and energy to this topic.

Let People Dream

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting one interesting and entertaining lady who gave us a presentation about stress and connection between negative thinking and hormones, stress and health troubles, love and happiness… She is a medical doctor. And a researcher. And many more things.

Trends I Will Be Supporting in 2017

My second dream job, beside the one of entertainment director in a Las Vegas hotel is actually the one of a trend watcher. Since the chances that I will ever start my career in Las Vegas are slim and I might be successful in watching and predicting trends, I will start this 2017 by listing 3 trends that I see happening and that I will heavily support in the following year.

Can You Learn Good Storytelling?

This is the first question that every trainer of storytelling techniques in business has to answer. And they are all going to tell you, with a big smile: Yes! Of course! That’s not something reserved only for the gifted and talented ones.