Married to the J/M O B ?

When I was starting my career as a young creative director I had a much more experienced collegue in the agency. His sons were my age. I was very fast and furious at the time. I was in that ‘ I know what I want and I want it now’ – mode… So, at that time I was also applying for Canadian residence. I had an idea to immigrate to Canada.

This collegue of mine actually came back from Canada a few yers before.

Work-Life Balance: Prevention Instead of Healing

I have to admit something. I’m writing about all those business/psychology related topics but I never read a book about it. I read some books about business and some books about psychology, but never one about self-help in this particular area of topics. If you ask me why, it’s probably due to the fact that I have never felt the need to read one before and also due to limited free time that I had during the last 15 years, that I was using to read/watch/listen to something else.