Destructive People Do Not Change

One would say that people should not be classified and that every individual is different. Of course, that’s true, but I have realized that you can simply find certain typology of characters in every working environment and in 90% of the cases their behavior will be 100% consistent to the type of the character they belong to. Of course, psychology as science is dedicating a lot of effort and studies to this topic but I’m not talking about scientific classifications and theories here.

Deepest Fears and Brightest Hopes

A few years ago, I was sent by the company that I worked for to a provincial city in my home country to lead a team of about 70 people. It was not a “must do” kind of assignment but I was a good trouper and I said yes without asking too many questions. Let’s do it. The feeling in my gut was telling me – this is not good decision, but my rational side was already packing things and looking for an apartment.

Career Stages – My Version, Part 1

One of the best things I had a chance to learn in my previous company is Lominger system of competences and career development approach. It includes career stages classification.

It’s not that I think that this system is fantastic for career development – it has its own flaws, but working with it and having a chance to practice it triggered a lot of thinking and contemplating on this topic. When you have to perform over 100 job interviews based on competences and work with your team member on 50+ career development plans, you definitely build some muscles in this area. Of course, that is if you honestly dedicate your time and energy to this topic.

Let People Dream

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting one interesting and entertaining lady who gave us a presentation about stress and connection between negative thinking and hormones, stress and health troubles, love and happiness… She is a medical doctor. And a researcher. And many more things.

Quick Post 2: What Have I Learned in 2016?

Although it’s a bit silly, we all summarize things in December and make a couple of lists of all the good and bad that happened in the year that is staying behind us. Or lists of what we are going to achieve or change in the year to come.

It’s All About Timing

I know that I’m already a bit boring with my “timing” preaching. It was one of the first things that I learned when I was starting my scriptwriting studies and it is the first thing that I’m trying to teach all young people that I’m coaching.